This section sets out the rules, terms and conditions that apply to the DUCA CLUB loyalty program and the user's adherence to them. All rights relating to the Loyalty Program are the exclusive property of AL DUCA D'AOSTA S.p.A. with registered headquarters in Piazza IV Novembre, 4, 20124 Milan.

Participation in the Loyalty Program is free of charge and allows you to accumulate points in order to obtain rewards and discounts on the following purchases made online and in Al Duca d'Aosta shops, as well as offering access to several advantages and reserved promotions.

These terms and conditions supplement the legal terms and conditions and the cookie policy published on the alducadaosta.com website.

These Regulations can be viewed in store and on the loyalty.alducadaosta.com/regulations website.

Customers are requested to read the following Rules carefully and, in the case of any doubts or queries, to contact customercare@ducadaosta.com.


Users who already have an account at alducadaosta.com can benefit from the DUCA CLUB by entering their reserved area and giving their consent to join. New users can choose to participate in the program when registering with the online shop alducadaosta.com, or by physically going to one of Al Duca d'Aosta S.p.A.'s points of sale.

Registration in the DUCA CLUB loyalty program is personal and non-transferable.

To access and enjoy the benefits of the DUCA CLUB you need to log in to the website alducadaosta.com or go through the Web App downloaded on your smartphone.


Purchase products in the Al Duca d'Aosta shops or in the online shop at www.alducadaosta.com and you can accumulate points and change your status within the program.

Individual statuses can be reached after passing predefined spending thresholds. The first status, called "Silver", is reached after a total purchase expenditure (including separate purchases made over 180 days) of 1,000 €/EUR (euros), which entitles you to a fixed 10% discount on purchases of full-price items over the following 180 days. If, in the following 180 days, the spending threshold remains constant (1,000 €/EUR), the "Silver" status and the resulting benefits will also remain unchanged again for a further 180 days. To progress from one status to another (e.g. from "Silver" to "Gold'), the required minimum expenditure threshold (in this case €/EUR 2,000) must be reached within 180 days. In this case, the customer has the right to obtain a discount equal to 15% on their next full-price purchases over the next 180 days. The same applies to the other statuses, called "Platinum", "Diamond" and "VIP".

If the user does not confirm the planned expenditure within 180 days of achieving the status, the benefit lapses and reverts to the status corresponding to the expenditure threshold achieved. If expenditure is maintained, the membership status is confirmed or upgraded to a successive one if a higher expenditure target is reached.

If the customer is downgraded from "Silver" status, he/she will not be entitled to any benefits, as they are not related to any specific status, but they can continue to earn Duca Points and claim rewards.

Status Silver 1.000 € 10%
Status Gold 2.000 € 15%
Status Platinum 6.000 € 20%
Status Diamond 12.000 € 25%
Status VIP 20.000 € 30%


As a member of the Duca Club programme, with every purchase you make you can earn Duca Points in order to benefit from extra rewards. Duca Points are accrued regardless of status and do not expire, unless otherwise modified in this program.

For every 5 €/EUR (euro) spent in Al Duca d'Aosta shops or on the online shop alducadaosta.com you will earn 1 point (1 DUCA POINT). For international versions of the site, where products are purchased in currencies other than €/EUR, points are earned based on the numerical value of the billing currency. This means that: 5€ = 1 Duca Point, 5$ = 1 Duca Point, 5AUD = 1 Duca Point, 5GBP = 1 Duca Point.

The number of Duca Points allocated is based on the numerical value of the billing currency. If you change the billing currency to a different shipping country, the number of Duca Points will also change. For example, in the case of an order with a value of €100 and shipping to Italy, if you change the shipping country to the USA, the value will be changed to $90, changing the number of Duca Points from 20 to 18.

In the event of cancellation of a purchase or in case of return made in store or website, the relative points for the returned item will be deducted from the points threshold.

Accumulated points do not expire, unless changes are made to these rules, which will be communicated to DUCA CLUB members in good time.

Restrictions may apply to some brands and/or categories. Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Celine, Miu Miu and Saint Laurent are excluded from the program with discount limitations for the Diamond and VIP tiers. Al Duca d'Aosta reserves the right to modify any restrictions at any time. For further information please contact customercare@alducadaosta.com

The discount relating to the tier is applied to a single reference, discounts will be not granted on more than one quantity of the same item.


On certain occasions, at the discretion of Al Duca d'Aosta S.p.A., extra points can be earned in addition to the Duca Points obtained through purchases made in store and in the online shop. Extra points can be earned through specific actions and events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and subscription to the program. Verification of such events will be communicated via e-mail or SMS or through the site loyalty.alducadaosta.com.


If a reward is claimed, the points will be deducted from the total amount.

Once the user has accumulated sufficient Duca Points, depending on the amount of points accumulated, it is possible to claim rewards, such as Duca Credit (which can be spent in Al Duca d'Aosta shops or on the online website alducadaosta.com). Duca Points cannot be transferred. Prizes claimed cannot be cancelled or exchanged for other prizes.

Apply for prizes by visiting an Al Duca d'Aosta shop or online through the Web App or by accessing your reserved area on the website alducadaosta.com, using the dedicated widget. Confirmation and deduction of points will be confirmed via SMS and email.

Please note that with the collection of the reward One Shot Sartoria you will have the opportunity to choose one of these services: men’s and women’s trouser hem, tighten leg and/ or bottom, shorten and/ or tighten shirt sleeves, customization with embroidered initials.

The accumulated points do not expire, except for any changes to these Terms that will be promptly communicated to members of the Duca Club program.


Al Duca d’Aosta S.p.A. is the promoter of the DUCA CLUB loyalty program. The program and its associated benefits are considered null and void where prohibited by law. Taxes may be levied in cases stipulated by law. Al Duca d’Aosta S.p.A. assumes no responsibility for users who violate the laws or regulations of their own country or state by participating in the program. User participation is subject to all present and future rules of the loyalty program.

You do not need to make a purchase to register with the DUCA CLUB.

By registering with DUCA CLUB, the user accepts and undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of use of the program and gives his/her consent for AL DUCA D'AOSTA S.p.A. to collect and use the personal data provided voluntarily by the user and the data collected from any activities carried out by the user within the DUCA CLUB.

The data controller is AL DUCA D'AOSTA S.p.A.

All data collected is managed through the platform developed by Eber Pte Ltd. The services are provided using servers and facilities located in the European Union or the United States. U.S. providers either comply with European Privacy Regulations or with standard contractual clauses (approved by the European Commission) which guarantee that when EU citizens' personal data is processed in the United States, it is treated with a level of protection that meets the standard defined in Article 46 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation). By accepting these Terms, you grant Eber general authorisation pursuant to Article 28(2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 to engage data processors for the purpose of providing the Services. We will inform you of any changes in accordance with the procedure for amending these Terms.

The controller processes the personal data of users by taking appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or destruction of personal data.

In addition to the data controller, in some cases other categories of people in charge of managing the site or external parties may have access to personal data.

Commercial use (e.g. the purchase of products for sales purposes) of the DUCA CLUB is strictly prohibited and will be deemed an abuse. AL DUCA D’AOSTA S.p.A. reserves the right, at its own discretion, to determine whether a purchase has been made for commercial use.


DUCA CLUB may be used by users who are older than 18 years of age.

AL DUCA D’AOSTA S.p.A. reserves the right to modify, revoke or cancel any user's participation in the DUCA CLUB, without prior notice and at the company's discretion, if they violate the terms and conditions of use of the program. We also reserve the right to revoke Duca Points, at our discretion, in the case of any kind of abuse committed by users.


Users may cancel their participation in the DUCA CLUB at any time. Once the service has been cancelled, the customer will no longer be able to take advantage of reserved benefits or use accumulated points or redeem these in any way.

DUCA CLUB is a benefit granted to the customers of Al Duca d'Aosta's and ALDUCADAOSTA.COM's shops and as such it can be suspended, revoked or cancelled at any time by AL DUCA D'AOSTA S.p.A. for any reason or without reason. In case of termination of the service by the user, all benefits of the program including any Duca Points that have been accumulated and other benefits will be lost automatically and immediately. In the event of cancellation of participation by the user, or termination of DUCA CLUB by the company, AL DUCA D'AOSTA S.p.A. accepts no responsibility for points not used by participants or for the loss of other benefits linked to the program.

Data subjects may obtain the deletion or blocking of processed data, as well as the updating, rectification, or - if necessary - the integration of data by sending an e-mail to the following address: customercare@alducadaosta.com.

Alternatively, the user who wishes to unsubscribe from DUCA CLUB can do so using the appropriate button on the Web App.


By joining the DUCA CLUB, the user exonerates AL DUCA D'AOSTA S.p.A. from any responsibility for any damage, loss or injury deriving from or connected with their use of the loyalty program, or from the use of the points awarded. AL DUCA D’AOSTA S.p.A. assumes no responsibility for any problems due to the malfunctioning of any connection devices, networks, hardware or software, internet, provider, or data traffic congestion and unauthorised human intervention.

Users must accept the terms and conditions of this notice, and should visit these pages periodically to ensure that they are kept informed of any updates, changes, and corrections to these terms and conditions of use.

AL DUCA D’AOSTA S.p.A. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this legal notice if necessary and without prior notice.


AL DUCA D’AOSTA S.p.A. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of DUCA CLUB and to cancel or terminate the program at any time, without notice and without further obligations to users, including changes to the rules regarding the accumulation of Duca Points, their value, of their duration.

Any such changes, or the removal of users from the service, will be communicated via email or posted on DUCALOYALTY.COM, and will be effective immediately unless otherwise indicated.